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"We've gotten lots of compliments from all who see it and it's feeling more and more livable and 'ours'. When I think back to the mass of dirt we lived with for 8 months [of house construction] it's hard to believe it has been so transformed, thanks in large part to your vision. It feels like the design gives us all we asked for, thank you."
Sue, in Needham, MA

"The garden looks incredible. we still can't believe it's ours. ...What sold us on having you as our designer was that you always 'heard' took what we said about what we wanted the garden to look like but more importantly what we wanted it to 'feel' like and created a design around that. The smartest thing we did was keep you on to manage the implementation of the design. We knew you were always looking out for us and that gave us an incredible sense of relief. It has been a pleasure and we will miss seeing you on a regular basis in the garden."
Filomena, in West Roxbury, MA

"I also wanted to tell you that we have been eating all of our meals outside on the deck and that every time we look out at our beautiful yard we say "Thank you Carol!" After all of this time, we have never taken for granted the beauty and sense of peacefulness that you helped us create."
Cindy, in Brookline, MA

"Thank you for giving us our long awaited and already beloved garden. We were on the patio last night enjoying an outdoor fire and appreciating the creativity, collaboration and fun involved in making our dream a reality -- thanks to your amazing artistry and flexibility in the process."
Debra, in Brookline, MA

Carol Spitzer Landscape Design

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