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Getting started

A landscape design begins with my listening and asking questions as we walk around your outdoor space. I can help create a new, brighter look to an old garden; solve drainage problems; improve circulation with new paths; get patios and walls built; assist with pruning trees and shrubs; create or improve a perennial bed; or make a master plan that includes some or all of those, and more.

I can take your ideas and build a plan based on them, or, initiate the ideas from my experience and the possibilities I see in your yard. In most cases, it’s some of both!

I want to help people enjoy their outdoor space, whether they like to work in the garden, entertain and play outside, or just have better green space to view from inside.

What is a……

Master plan?

This is a scaled plan for an entire property, or for part of the property and how that part fits into the whole. The Master plan shows how all the individual elements, such as walks, garden beds, driveways, patios, etc. are gathered together into a cohesive plan, and usually how the landscape relates to the building, or buildings, on the property.

It identifies the location and types of materials that will be used (bricks, gravel, pavement, fencing), as well as general planting areas: perennial beds, lawn, tree and shrub border, woodland edge, groundcovers, etc. Specimen or key plants are often named. The Master plan can then be used as the guide for building the landscape in phases, or all at once.

Planting Plan?

After the location and shape of each planting area is designed, then a detailed plant list is developed. The specific horticultural variety of each plant, the number of each, and the placement of each is specified. A planting plan can be made for existing garden beds as well as newly built areas.

Concept Sketch?

This is a rough sketch, not necessarily in scale, to show some of the designer’s initial ideas, especially as different needs of the design are identified. These sometimes provide a ‘check in’ with the client as the design is being developed.

Carol Spitzer Landscape Design

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